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Textured Bowl This is a fairly plain, semi-shallow bowl.However, add a little texturing on the bottom, and a lovely bead just below the rim, and you have a much more attractive bowl.To really show off the texturing, I selected some fairly clean maple for the project.

The timber I started with was about 8 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick.Mount Blank On LatheBandsaw the blank round.Choose the side that will be opposite the bottom, and drill a 3/8" pilot hole.This hole accommodates a 1/2" scr*w chuck, which fits into the 'ONEWAY' stronghold chuck.

After mounting the chuck on the lathe, lock the spindle of the lathe, and scr*w on the bowl blank.Make sure that the wood of the blank is FLAT against the jaws of the chuck.Doing so ensures the scr*w chuck's tremendous holding power.

Once you have the blank mounted on the lathe, set the rest to the outside of the piece and make the outside cuts.Face Cut Face cut When you have trued the outside, move the rest to the face, and cut from the outside, into the middle.

A few things to consider: this cut should be as flat as possible; you are just preparing...

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Update: Congratulations to Bill Wyko, AKA Sandtazam, who wins our challenge for his Monsoon woodturning Vote for the winner of our wood turning gallery challenge is post about Uncategorized bookmarked by david with ID 12013303861 was uploaded on 02-03-2019 and has been viewed 195,511 times.

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Easy Scrap Wood Turning Project Earrings

Every woodworker I know has a bin stashed away somewhere full of little offcuts of beautiful exotic and figured woods, too small to use in most furniture pieces, but carefully saved anyway-just in case.Before long that stash becomes a heap, and it's time to start looking for ways to pare ... Easy scrap wood turning project earrings is post about Small Projects bookmarked by edwin with ID 13831990344 was uploaded on 13-02-2019 and has been viewed 9,428 times.

Wood Turning Basics Turning 150 x 100
Wood Turning Basics

The articles featured in Fine Woodworking's special newsstand-only publications, Wood Turning Basics, feature the very best teachers and wood turners practicing today-names like Richard Raffan, Ernie Conover, and Alan Lacer.Reading these articles is like having private lesson with an expert Wood turning basics is article about Turning bookmarked by edward with ID 12704756056 was uploaded on 29-01-2019 and has been viewed 163,744 times.

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Turning Bowls From Green Wood

Howard Lewin explains how to turn bowls from green wood in this informative article with step-by-step instructions.Lewin offers techniques for rough-cutting bowl blanks with a chainsaw and preparing the blanks for mounting on the lathe.He demonstrates how to choose and bandsaw the blanks, how mount a bowl blank on the ... Turning bowls from green wood is post about Accessories bookmarked by kurt with ID 13146416844 was uploaded on 11-03-2019 and has been viewed 16,170 times.

Turning Rotted Wood Accessories 150 x 100

Turning Rotted Wood

Synopsis: The fungi that cause spalting will eventually lead to rotting if left unchecked.The condition of much of the wood Robert J.Lentz uses falls somewhere in between incipient and advanced decay.He starts his explanation with a word of caution about working around microscopic fungal spores and how to protect yourself.Then ... Turning rotted wood is article about Accessories bookmarked by ernest with ID 11215839564 was uploaded on 16-02-2019 and has been viewed 260,232 times.

Turning Project If A Stunning Centerpiece Or A Unique Gift Is What You Re After Look No Further This Turned And Shaped Piece Of Wood Art Is A Lot Of Fun To Build And Can Be Modified In Many Different Ways To Suit Your Taste Magazine 150 x 100

Turning Project If A Stunning Centerpiece Or A Unique Gift ...

Ruffled Bowl Photos by Lisa Chemerika; Lead Photo by Rob Brown INFO: DIFFICULTY - 3/5, LENGTH/TIME - 3/5, COST - 2/5I drive a lot of miles to and from work every day, and have way too much time to think about what I would like to try to do in ... Turning project if a stunning centerpiece or a unique gift is what you re after look no further this turned and shaped piece of wood art is a lot of fun to build and can be modified in many different ways to suit your taste is post about Magazine bookmarked by bob with ID 13764545218 was uploaded on 22-04-2019 and has been viewed 246,223 times.

Turning Project This Fun And Functional Project Can Be Made By Any Novice Wood Turner Magazine 150 x 100

Turning Project This Fun And Functional Project Can Be Made ...

Turn an Open-Backed Clock Photos by Douglas Gillie INFO: DIFFICULTY - 2/5, LENGTH/TIME - 2/5, COST - 2/5 A skeleton clock is a clock in which you can see all of the inner gears, wheels and springs inside the movement.This is a fun project to make, and it can easily ... Turning project this fun and functional project can be made by any novice wood turner is article about Magazine bookmarked by fred with ID 11112172085 was uploaded on 27-03-2019 and has been viewed 13,736 times.

Turning Project This Is An Easy Project That Is A Great Spindle Exercise You Can Make It An Elaborate Piece With Multiple Woods As Shown In This Article Or You Can Make It From One Piece Of Wood Magazine 150 x 100

Turning Project This Is An Easy Project That Is A ...

Ring Stand The shape is what really dictates the outcome of the piece.With this particular piece I used flexulosa burl for the base, with a mid-section of African blackwood, and French boxwood for the spindle.Flexulosa is a beautiful wood that comes to us from a range of small pacific islands ... Turning project this is an easy project that is a great spindle exercise you can make it an elaborate piece with multiple woods as shown in this article or you can make it from one piece of wood is post about Magazine bookmarked by dan with ID 11130336754 was uploaded on 10-02-2019 and has been viewed 361,555 times.

Turning Project In This Article I Describe Turning A Piece Of Wood That Is Not Round And Retains Its Square Corners When The Piece Is Turning At High Speed The Corners Become Invisible So I Always Keep Firmly In Mind That The Only Thing Allowed To Extend Past The Tool Rest Is The Tool It Is Even More Important Than Usual To Stop The Lathe Before Moving The Tool Rest And To Rotate The Piece By Hand To Ensure It Is Clearing The Tool Rest Before Switching The Lathe On Magazine 150 x 100
Turning Project In This Article I Describe Turning A Piece ...

Candle Holders Most faceplate turning projects only require that you have one flat face on the blank for resting on the band saw table while trimming it round, and for attaching the faceplate or chuck.However, for this project it is important that you mill the stock for the blanks exactly ... Turning project in this article i describe turning a piece of wood that is not round and retains its square corners when the piece is turning at high speed the corners become invisible so i always keep firmly in mind that the only thing allowed to extend past the tool rest is the tool it is even more important than usual to stop the lathe before moving the tool rest and to rotate the piece by hand to ensure it is clearing the tool rest before switching the lathe on is post about Magazine bookmarked by tyler with ID 13522847299 was uploaded on 16-02-2019 and has been viewed 169,850 times.

Turning Project I Like To Give Gifts That Are Hand Made And Because I M A Notoriously Cheap Person It S A Good Thing I Ve Got A Little Wood Shop Personally I Don T Think There S Anything Nicer Than Things Made From Beautifully Figured Wood Magazine 150 x 100
Turning Project I Like To Give Gifts That Are Hand ...

Miniature Clock Illustration by Mike Del Rizzo I was in the jewelry and watch department of a local department store and saw some little figurines with very small clock movements in them.I was intrigued with their size so I bought four of them.Such movements just pop out and can be ... Turning project i like to give gifts that are hand made and because i m a notoriously cheap person it s a good thing i ve got a little wood shop personally i don t think there s anything nicer than things made from beautifully figured wood is bookmark about Magazine bookmarked by mario with ID 12789195162 was uploaded on 26-02-2019 and has been viewed 194,429 times.