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Cabinet Scraper Alternative Sooner or later, most woodworkers have the pleasure of using a traditional cabinet scraper.Then comes the filing and the burnishing, to re-sharpen the tool.After the initial thrill of using such a time honoured tool wears off, a fellow can get a little tired of the constant effort to keep the tool sharp and cutting correctly, especially when working with hard or abrasive woods.

There is no doubt that cabinet scrapers give a very fine finish.I have found that a scraped finish shows the grain and beauty of the wood better than if it is simply sanded.I have also found the sharpening and maintaining of a scraper's edge, to be time consuming and tedious.

For a lot of years I used cabinet scrapers, all the while wanting more use and less maintenance.As a result, I have developed an alternative to cabinet scrapers.This cabinet scraper alternative is made out of high-speed steel hacksaw blades.

I find that they not only work better than the old cabinet scrapers I was using, but they are also much easier to sharpen.In the early eighties I was refinishing a lot of antiques.Many of them were heavily covered with numerous coats...

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How To Make A Rubber Band Boat A Hand Tool Project Anyone Can Make For Fun 150 x 100

How To Make A Rubber Band Boat A Hand Tool ...

One of the core tenets of Woodworking for Mere Mortals is that creative people shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to make fun projects out of wood.While my method of woodworking stresses the use of inexpensive power tools, I sometimes have viewers ask if I can make a ... How to make a rubber band boat a hand tool project anyone can make is bookmark about For Fun bookmarked by ben with ID 13708436144 was uploaded on 15-01-2019 and has been viewed 319,717 times.

Tool Project The Spokeshave Looks Somewhat Like A Drawknife But Performs More Like A Hand Plane Like The Drawknife It Has Two In Line Handles And As With The Plane It Uses A Cutting Blade Which Projects From A Short Sole To Regulate The Depth Of Cut Traditionally Used To Shape Spokes For Ships Steering Wheels Wagon Wheels And The Like Shaves Are Still The Tools Of Choice To Shape And Smooth Convex And Concave Surfaces And Are A Favourite Tool Of Chair Makers Magazine 150 x 100

Tool Project The Spokeshave Looks Somewhat Like A Drawknife But ...

Spokeshave Illustration by Mike Del Rizzo SUPPLY CHECKLIST1" X 2" X 12" stocktwo #4 flat head wood screwsspokeshave bladeThis is an easy and enjoyable project to make and a great way to use up some exotic off-cuts.Make the shave to suit your hand size.A blank of wood approximately 1" x ... Tool project the spokeshave looks somewhat like a drawknife but performs more like a hand plane like the drawknife it has two in line handles and as with the plane it uses a cutting blade which projects from a short sole to regulate the depth of cut traditionally used to shape spokes for ships steering wheels wagon wheels and the like shaves are still the tools of choice to shape and smooth convex and concave surfaces and are a favourite tool of chair makers is post about Magazine bookmarked by juan with ID 12242705287 was uploaded on 28-01-2019 and has been viewed 342,701 times.

Tool Project This Marking Gauge Is Handy To Have At Hand Whether You Are Laying Out Joinery Using It As A Depth Gauge Or Simply Using It To Transfer A Measurement To Another Location It S A Quick And Simple Project You Could Easily Complete In A Day Magazine 150 x 100

Tool Project This Marking Gauge Is Handy To Have At ...

Marking Gauge Illustration by Mike Del Rizzo The Fence• This gauge uses purpleheart for the fence and quartersawn white oak for the shaft.Choose a hard wood that works easily without excessive chipping or tear out for the fence blank.After machining the blank, it is re-sawn and glued together to form ... Tool project this marking gauge is handy to have at hand whether you are laying out joinery using it as a depth gauge or simply using it to transfer a measurement to another location it s a quick and simple project you could easily complete in a day is post about Magazine bookmarked by floyd with ID 1380478186 was uploaded on 04-03-2019 and has been viewed 174,245 times.

Tool Project Wooden Planes Have Been Used For Thousands Of Years In Fact From Roman Times Until The Industrial Age When Planes Made Of Cast Iron Became Widely Available Wooden Planes Were The Only Option Now Woodworkers Have A Wide Selection Of Planes Of Various Materials Available To Them Magazine 150 x 100
Tool Project Wooden Planes Have Been Used For Thousands Of ...

Krenov Style Hand Plane Illustrations by Mike Del Rizzo Even with the wide range of planes on the market today, many woodworkers still enjoy making their own wooden planes.And why not? It's a near perfect project: building the very tool with which you do your future woodworking.What could be more ... Tool project wooden planes have been used for thousands of years in fact from roman times until the industrial age when planes made of cast iron became widely available wooden planes were the only option now woodworkers have a wide selection of planes of various materials available to them is article about Magazine bookmarked by jessie with ID 11594796261 was uploaded on 25-02-2019 and has been viewed 251,797 times.

The North Bennet Street Tool Chest Project Plan Shop Storage And Furniture 150 x 100
The North Bennet Street Tool Chest Project Plan

Synopsis: This tool chest is the first major project for students studying cabinet and furniture making at Boston's North Bennet Street School.Though simple in design and appearance, it has valuable lessons to teach.Students are limited in the size of the box and the materials they can use, so they focus ... The north bennet street tool chest project plan is bookmark about Shop Storage And Furniture bookmarked by edward with ID 12582838321 was uploaded on 12-01-2019 and has been viewed 379,392 times.

Wipe Out Project Tool Marks Woodworking How To 150 x 100

Wipe Out Project Tool Marks

When staining and finishing, nobody likes surprises.But snipe, chatter marks, and more can show up to mar your finest craftsmanship.Following these simple precautions, you can remove the goofs before they pose a problem Wipe out project tool marks is article about Woodworking How To bookmarked by alfredo with ID 1335168682 was uploaded on 21-02-2019 and has been viewed 290,391 times.

Turning Project In This Article I Describe Turning A Piece Of Wood That Is Not Round And Retains Its Square Corners When The Piece Is Turning At High Speed The Corners Become Invisible So I Always Keep Firmly In Mind That The Only Thing Allowed To Extend Past The Tool Rest Is The Tool It Is Even More Important Than Usual To Stop The Lathe Before Moving The Tool Rest And To Rotate The Piece By Hand To Ensure It Is Clearing The Tool Rest Before Switching The Lathe On Magazine 150 x 100

Turning Project In This Article I Describe Turning A Piece ...

Candle Holders Most faceplate turning projects only require that you have one flat face on the blank for resting on the band saw table while trimming it round, and for attaching the faceplate or chuck.However, for this project it is important that you mill the stock for the blanks exactly ... Turning project in this article i describe turning a piece of wood that is not round and retains its square corners when the piece is turning at high speed the corners become invisible so i always keep firmly in mind that the only thing allowed to extend past the tool rest is the tool it is even more important than usual to stop the lathe before moving the tool rest and to rotate the piece by hand to ensure it is clearing the tool rest before switching the lathe on is article about Magazine bookmarked by darren with ID 13522847299 was uploaded on 16-02-2019 and has been viewed 359,769 times.

Shop Project Without A Doubt The Router Is One Of The Most Useful Tools In Our Shop And To Really Get The Most Out Of This Tool It Is Best To Mount It In A Table Not Only Does This Increase The Utility Of The Router But For Many Operations It Makes It Easier To Rout Smaller Parts Safely With A Table Mounted Router You Can Also Use Large Panel Raising Bits Magazine 150 x 100

Shop Project Without A Doubt The Router Is One Of ...

Router Work Station Illustration by Mike Del Rizzo; Lead Photo courtesy of Rob Nichele I prefer heavy steel tops for most of the tool surfaces in the shop and as a result decided it best to purchase the top as a manufactured unit.This ensures you will have a flat, stable ... Shop project without a doubt the router is one of the most useful tools in our shop and to really get the most out of this tool it is best to mount it in a table not only does this increase the utility of the router but for many operations it makes it easier to rout smaller parts safely with a table mounted router you can also use large panel raising bits is post about Magazine bookmarked by ross with ID 12833573685 was uploaded on 08-02-2019 and has been viewed 398,845 times.

Shop Project This Tool Cabinet Is A Practical Attractive Way To Store And Protect A Collection Of Hand Tools Magazine 150 x 100

Shop Project This Tool Cabinet Is A Practical Attractive Way ...

Hand Tool Cabinet Illustration by Mike Del Rizzo Those who are new to woodworking may not yet own many hand tools.Often, when woodworkers first set up their shop, and start purchasing the requisite tools, the emphasis tends to be solely on power tools.The perception is that power tools are faster, ... Shop project this tool cabinet is a practical attractive way to store and protect a collection of hand tools is bookmark about Magazine bookmarked by chad with ID 13870408154 was uploaded on 02-02-2019 and has been viewed 368,940 times.

Shop Project This Classic Wooden Tool Tote Is A Great Way To Keep Your Tools Organized And Protected Whether You Are Working At Your Bench Or Away From Your Shop Magazine 150 x 100
Shop Project This Classic Wooden Tool Tote Is A Great ...

Tool Tote Illustrations by Mike Del Rizzo The Beginning• The body of the tote is made with ¾" solid wood, the bottoms with ¼" plywood and the handle, 1" dowel.• Cut the ends (B) to width and length.• Use a pencil to mark a centerline on the insides of the ... Shop project this classic wooden tool tote is a great way to keep your tools organized and protected whether you are working at your bench or away from your shop is post about Magazine bookmarked by cody with ID 11669816055 was uploaded on 17-01-2019 and has been viewed 326,593 times.

Shop Project Sure You Can Hang All Your Tools From Sheets Of Pegboard But That Doesn T Do Much For The Atmosphere Of Your Shop A Wall Hung Hand Tool Cabinet Will Help Organize Your Tools As Well As Show Off Your Skills Magazine 150 x 100
Shop Project Sure You Can Hang All Your Tools From ...

Heirloom Tool Cabinet Photos by Rob Brown; Illustration by James Provost When I started woodwork­ing, the only hand tools I had were inherited from my grandfather.I made a cheap chip­board shelf for them, which worked great.That is, until my hand tool collection started to overflow onto my workbench and assembly ... Shop project sure you can hang all your tools from sheets of pegboard but that doesn t do much for the atmosphere of your shop a wall hung hand tool cabinet will help organize your tools as well as show off your skills is bookmark about Magazine bookmarked by kyle with ID 11395004508 was uploaded on 10-02-2019 and has been viewed 252,601 times.