From *M*T**R To Professional Your Stories Part I

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Many of you began as *m*t**r woodworkers before growing into a professional career in woodworking.If you have successfully made the transition yourself and built a business, or if you are seriously considering making the transition from *m*t**r to pro, then tell us your story! We'll be featuring any amateur-turned-pro woodworkers with a story to tell or questions about taking the professional leap, so feel free to reach out…...

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Miniature Clock Illustration by Mike Del Rizzo I was in the jewelry and watch department of a local department store and saw some little figurines with very small clock movements in them.I was intrigued with their size so I bought four of them.Such movements just pop out and can be ... Turning project i like to give gifts that are hand made and because i m a notoriously cheap person it s a good thing i ve got a little wood shop personally i don t think there s anything nicer than things made from beautifully figured wood is article about Magazine bookmarked by marc with ID 12789195162 was uploaded on 26-02-2019 and has been viewed 240,533 times.

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Heirloom Tool Cabinet Photos by Rob Brown; Illustration by James Provost When I started woodwork­ing, the only hand tools I had were inherited from my grandfather.I made a cheap chip­board shelf for them, which worked great.That is, until my hand tool collection started to overflow onto my workbench and assembly ... Shop project sure you can hang all your tools from sheets of pegboard but that doesn t do much for the atmosphere of your shop a wall hung hand tool cabinet will help organize your tools as well as show off your skills is article about Magazine bookmarked by ted with ID 11395004508 was uploaded on 10-02-2019 and has been viewed 386,131 times.

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Wedged Mortise & Tenon The M&T joint is a very strong joint that is fairly easy to make.We won't go through the process for making an M&T joint, since we covered that in a previous issue (Canadian Woodworking, Oct/Nov '04, Issue #32).We will, however, show you how to adapt the ... Wood joinery the mortise and tenon m t is a classic joint with lots of strength albeit it is usually hidden this wedged m t joint on the other hand is designed not only to be visible but to be a design element as well you can use it for knock down furniture or glue it for a permanent joint is post about Magazine bookmarked by daniel with ID 13600561157 was uploaded on 09-01-2019 and has been viewed 413,346 times.

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Building Big Things In A Small Space Photos by Marty Schlosser As a boy growing up in a small prairie town, I had the privilege of working with an elderly craftsman from the 'old country'.Mr.Germscheid was a jack-of-all-trades who amazed me with his ability to create large pieces of furniture ... Project planning just because you have a small space to create doesn t necessarily limit you to small projects there are many things that can be done to push those walls apart from each other and get the most from your space is bookmark about Magazine bookmarked by benjamin with ID 11403165243 was uploaded on 05-04-2019 and has been viewed 421,646 times.